5 year old Annie Doss takes her first buck with Slash Cross Bolt! 

Joe Blades sent this. Good example of a 3 blade broadhead breaking Bone on impact and then Full Pass Thru with InSETBlades opening internal!! 


Bryan Bradley Slash Arrows does the job.

Michigan Outdoor Addiction takes this handsome buck 

David Hand rattled in this South Texas Buck and took him down with the Slash Cross Bolt.


Here is a picture of my Indiana bow kill during rifle season.  25 yard shot and 20 yard run before he back flipped,  Complete pass through, The Slash did a number on him, 2 years in a row I killed with a bow in gun season. I have Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan still to hunt. Tagged out with SLASH in INDIANA!  Thanks for being so supportive and having an incredible product

Spencer Brackins



"Well I was finally able to harvest my first deer with the Slash Arrows! To say I'm impressed is an understatement!"
- Zack Johns


Jeremiah Dempster takes this Louisiana Buck.


Exit wound for Jeremiah Dempster


Blood trail for Jeremiah Dempster.


Sam Bush




"This is my 10 year old son's first deer and buck.  20 yards with a crossbow quartering toward him.  Shot behind the front shoulder and hit high into the spine.  He dropped in his tracks!   This is what the Slash cross bolts do.  Unbelievably great stuff.   Hunter's Outlet- will definitely carry this product.   Thanks again.

Sam Bush



My doe mission was a success tonite!. My Slash Arrow performed flawlessly!  Ed Lippencott 



Matt Ranking takes this unusual "unicorn" buck in Kansas


Chance Patrick "250 + pound Oklahoma hog Slashed at 29 yards !! Ran 40 yards with massive blood trail and that's all it took for this Hog !!




Cameron Kirkconnell takes a nice Florida buck.



Chance Patrick  "Nice Iowa buck shot with a Ten point Titan SS slashed at 50 yards ran ten yards with the amazing combo of slash arrow and Ten point cross bow !!"


Jim Angot with Cirrus Wind Indicator takes a Texas Hog with our 26" bolt.


Wyoming trophies from Wild Outdoors


Sighted in, but too young.


"Grant got him a management 7 point this morning!! 30 yard shot to boot!!  Thank you guys for the bolts!!  This has got to be one of the coolest dad moments for me!!"


Glen Hatchey with this doe harvest, "The bolt almost severed her leg."


Michigan Outdoors took this 9 pt.

Dean Parrish


Wyatt Gregory with Texas hog

TC East and his first buck with a bow.

Congratulations to Cassie Laird with this Kansas Buck.  Slash performed with this low poundage bow, 40 lbs.

"Slash did it again.  Less than 25 yards...love these arrows!"


Steve Pool and his son:  "Brady and I hit woods for a few hours, for his third hunting trip ever. As the sun started to set we heard birds and squirrels that kept him on his toes. Then I told him to look up from the iPad slowly. There was a doe moving in. Then four appeared with a piebald. Really cool! I got caught up in moment and asked him if I should shoot, he was like duh dad.. I ended up waiting too long and they got behind some brush, so I told him we will just watch and see what happends. They fed on the turn ups and walk out to feild, there was more in feild and I took and chance on the "can" call. I hit it a few times and 2 of them ran back to us, pulling others back in woods. They hung out and about 40 yards from us. I decided to teach him patients and enjoy the wildlife instead of pushing a shot. After about 7 walked through, 2 more came. The last one presented her self at 20 yards and my son whispered, "dad you gonna shoot"?? So I lined up the #slashbolt on her side and squeezed the trigger of the #ghost410. As she dropped, we watched the arrow bound back up and stick about 12' in a tree about 40 yards from deer. She ran around the corner and I heard her drop. We waited to get down. To find the blood. It was and easy track and I knew she was down, so we tracked her blood about 25 yards where she was taking and dirt nap.... Brady was beyond excited! He did so well gutting her! He is HOOKED! Who wouldn't be after seeing so many deer and a easy track! I might not be the best dad everyday, but today I know I made some people here and watching over us very proud! Hunting isn't about the kill, it's about enjoying the time in the woods.. a day I'll never forget"


 Blood Trail

Steve Pool's son.  Harvest doe with a cross bow

Wyatt Gregory with an Iowa beauty.


I was 20 yards up in a tree and saw this doe come in at 20 yards. I took my shot, she turned and ran back behind me and went to the right of my stand. As she ran I could see the blood pouring out like a faucet had been turned on so I knew if she ran off out of sight I had a good blood trail. But I didn't need to worry about tracking her because she tripped over a log, did a flip and hit the ground dead! She never moved a muscle! My hunt was over! Thank you Slash! I would say the time frame from when the Slash Arrow hit its mark to when she hit the ground was around 5 seconds and not much more.  She ran 50 yards and dropped!
This is the first time in many years I have shot a whitetail deer and had complete pass through with my arrow. Even better, she was on the ground within sight of my stand. 
What a great and successful hunt. I can't wait for the next Slash story to tell! 

Curt Pendergast



Exit Wound  Curt Pendergast


"My 2016 Ohio buck tag is filled!. My Slash Arrow smashed through his front shoulder and ripped apart his heart!.only went 40yrds and piled up!."  Ed Lippencott.





Melissa Sutherland loving her Slash Bolts.  "A complete pass through with ease, 75 yards and down."


Jeff Perry in the Ohio Woods


Nevin Burns accompanied by his dad Daniel Burns

Slash does it again!  Bullets and Broadheads



Jason Sneathen "Putting in some field work with the wife this weekend".


"Love your product and all you do for hunting."  Scott Johanik


Steve Pool with Slash Cross Bolt, "This buck measures 15" spread and 12" G2, ran 15 yards with a bloodtrail that was ridiculous, like a faucet.



Mike Collins, score 142.5:  

This hunt started off with a late bow season stand relocation in the hill country. It was my second time to hunt the new location and it was a Friday morning. A cold front had come through and it was probably in the high 30's. As it got light I had many young 8 points and a couple of does come to the feeder. At 8am this big guy came in and instantly I knew he was a shooter. He was chasing a hot doe and his presence definitely made me aware he was the dominant buck around. I didn't give him much time to hang around. I was hunting near a property line and I didn't want him to run. I took the shot at 35 yards. My arrow entered exactly where I had intended it to and blazed through his shoulder. The arrow went through the bone and passed through his heart, exiting completely through. He ran off, but only to expire 30 yards away. 

It was definitely a hunt I'll remember forever. I can't say enough about the damage that Slash Arrows caused. I've never seen such internal damage from an arrow. 

 Mike Collins


Chris Morris, first deer harvested with a bow and Slash Arrows.


"Went 15 yards" Travis Bayes


Beth Colman


Dee Cowger

Matt Rankin

Matt Rankin measures exit wound


Kenny Davis


Nick Pahoundis

Dee Cowger nice grouping


Aharon Davis

Mitchell Wheeler robin hood carbon cross bolts


Elijah Bennett


Aharon Davis

Jeff Perry

"Check out what the SLASH Arrow did to the heart...This buck didn't make it out of site before going down."  Jeff Perry
- Whitetail Frenzy

Mike Wiltse


Mac Lee


Jay Gregory

Holly Wiltse



Jay Gregory 

Exit wound on my Montana bull with my slash!! At 50 yards it went through him like melted butter busting ribs in and out .. He ran 50 yds..Jay Gregory


Keith Beam

Congratulations Jay Gregory with Wild Outdoors

Congratulations to Jay Gregory, Wild Outdoors.

I was amazed at how much hemorrhaging that Slash did when we field dressed him.  Luke Leissner

I was amazed at how much hemorrhaging that Slash did when we field dressed him.  

Luke Leissner


Kansas Buck


Spotlight Testimonial: Jonathan Ryan African Safari

African Continent, south of Johannesburg

I shoot a Hoyte Nitrum 30 bow with a 26” draw. I outfitted the Slash INsetBlade arrows with a Montack G5 broadhead for my African hunt, and had the following successes.


Large Female Warthog –. We were excited to see a female with two intact tusks step out of the brush at mid afternoon. Normally females do not have two tusks because they break off during fights. The shot was 23 yards and she ran 20 yards and dropped dead. No tracking required.


Kudu – Kudu’s are extremely skittish, have heightened olfactory senses and are wary of hunters and danger. They are called “the gray ghosts” in Africa because they are so well camouflaged.   The Kudu came into view around 3:30 in the afternoon and we watched him for 30 minutes move in and out of the brush. Seeing such a large animal struck me with “buck fever” and my hand were shaking so much, my arrow hit the target a full 10 inches too high. The Professional Hunters with me were skeptical at first. After tracking and finding the animal, they said they have never seen an arrow create such a significant blood trail on an animal this size.


Impala (scored Silver) At 5:30 pm, I had the opportunity to shoot at 10 yards. Recovery was 15 yards and the blood trail was massive. The Impala hit the ground dead. The Professional Hunters with me were skeptical when they first saw Slash INsetBlade arrows, but after they inspected the wounds, they said they have never seen an arrow produce that much damage. Mechanical broadheads are not allowed in Africa because they do not offer enough penetration. Slash was a pass through shot and the blood trail was massive.


Wart Hog Boar This shot was right at dusk, a 20-yard pass through shot with a 10-yard recovery. You do not want to be out in the brush after dark in Africa, I was pleased that we did not have to track.



More Testimonials and Photos:


Marcus, hunting with Bullets and Broadheads, scored this great buck in Texas.

Down in 35 yards, died in seconds.



Lloyd Linehan took this 150 inch buck in Texas. 



Slash arrows did the job! The deer went 30 yards and piled up. Talk about an adrenaline rush on this 4.5 year old WV buck. The sound of a Slash Arrow connecting sounds like a board cracking off a tree. Great product guys, awesome penetration, massive blood trails, and short tracking."



Dave Billman - 160 class deer.



Jeff Birmingham

Lampasas, TX

"This deer was killed on the Mesa Verde Ranch owned by Steve Wilbanks in Lampasas, TX. I had hunted this particular deer on nine different weekends and he finally presented me a 23 yard shot. I double lunged the deer and it ran about 40 yards before I heard it crash into a cedar tree and take his final kicks. I was amazed at the amount of blood this arrow produced, being a partially color blind bow hunter is not easy so I was really happy to be able to be able to hear it all happen!" 


Josh Ault

Houston, TX

"I shot high on an Axis deer. Normally, this would have resulted in a wounded, lost animal. However, with the lethal force and huge cutting diameter of the Slash Arrow, the deer dropped in its tracks. Never in my life had I seen that kind of damage done with an arrow, or any other projectile, for that matter. This season, the only arrows I will hunt with are Slash Arrows!"



Jeff Birmingham

New Zealand

"My second hunt with Slash Arrows was in New Zealand. Outfitter said he had never seen such penetration and exit wound in a Red Stag shot with an arrow."


Shelley Ault

Houston, TX

"Slash Arrows allow me, as a woman, to be confident in shooting big game with a bow. I know WITHOUT A DOUBT that my Slash Arrows will penetrate and transfer industry leading damage for a quick and ethical kill."



Mark Beck

New Port Richy, FL

"Slash Arrows allow for those not-so-perfect shots to still be lethal and humane. During practice, I shot groups that measured less than an inch at 40 yards. While hunting, I had a perfect pass-through resulting in an awesome blood trail on a Florida hog thanks to Slash Arrows. If you want the trail to lead you to your game, I strongly recommend Slash Arrows."

Daniel J. Clarke

Mobile, AL

"The white tail deer was standing quartered away at 31 yards, and I hit it a little high but behind the shoulder. The Slash Arrow knocked it down immediately. I have never had an arrow knock a deer down! It did massive damage and I still can't believe it dropped the deer so quickly."

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