You are hunting in the totally unpredictable wild outdoors. Anything with your shot can go wrong. You hunt to provide an ethical humane harvest, yet even a perfect shot leads to an agonizing tracking job or worse, lost, wounded game.  We were fortunate to be part of a 10 year archery deer program, studying at a major university  and SCI world records with 8 USA patents.  As a guide, what we needed was not another Broadhead. We needed an arrow/broadhead system that with marginal shots would drop big game quickly.  Experience what thousands of successful big game hunters have!  

The arrow/broadhead system performs like a rifle shot. The SLASH arrow has the same process as an expandable bullet. Not an expandable cut on contact Broadhead.  A fatal shot requires five major stages, LKE. 

  • STAGE 1 - Transform Bow’s Kinetic Energy to Lethal Momentum
  • STAGE 2 - Improved Flight Accuracy and Trajectory
  • STAGE 3 - Fracture the Surface With Maximum Penetration
  • STAGE 4 - Maximum Secondary Trauma, Internal Controlled Expansion
  • STAGE 5 - Largest Exit Wound Volume

Most all conventional arrow/broadheads only do two or three stages.


The killing power of big game depends upon five critical stages. Conventional fixed or mechanical broadheads can not do all five.  Fixed broadheads only break the surface, mechanicals open on contact, deflect the arrow, and lose penetration!  See what Chuck Hawks, a leading authority says, "Destroying, disrupting the function of vital organs or the central nervous system, causing blood loss and shock to the animals system."  The latter almost instantly fatal.

Experience an arrow/ broadhead system that similar to a bullet does all five- LKE-5.


STAGE 1 - Transform Bow’s Kinetic Energy to Lethal Momentum

With the weight distributed over the front 5 inch section, the SLASH® arrows take advantage of a balanced higher front of center, without all the drawbacks of low speed and flight problems associated with traditional combinations, resulting in higher momentum.  Indeed, the balanced weight forward technology of the SLASH® arrows captures 26% to 37% more momentum from the top bows than most traditional arrows in a lighter class.  The higher momentum keeps the arrow moving and penetrating deeper into the target.  The combined increased momentum and internal deploying blades set at a low angle result in a deadly combination.  

STAGE 2 - Improved Flight Accuracy and Trajectory

SLASH® arrow’s innovative design, a dual cored high density carbon arrow with a full body INsetBlade® outsert housing the concealed blades, centers the additional arrow weight further down the shaft and around the arrow’s central axis.  The patented distributed weight ensures top flight accuracy for the SLASH® arrows. Accuracy starts with less vibration and the balanced weight allows top compound bows, as an example, to have 28-30% less vibration. Factory tuned, laser shot spine, each SLASH® arrow is tested to tight tolerances, providing flatter trajectory and  accuracy vs arrows with weighted broadheads and inserts all on the tip of the arrow. Indeed, Slash® arrows provide 8 to 20% less dynamic flex than a traditional arrow shaft.

STAGE 3 - Fracture the Surface with Maximum Penetration

SLASH® arrow’s patented design also provides maximum penetration.  The innovative design fractures the surface with a stable, fixed broadhead with 26% to 37% more momentum than most traditional arrows in a lighter class.  The elongated INsetBlade® outsert drives the broadhead, deep and straight thru hide, bone, and muscle, while increasing the strength, impact, F.O.C., and spine at the forward end of the arrow.  The elongated outsert and dual core shaft provide less “flex” at impact, increasing penetration. This straight fractured directional force maximizes the ability for the rest of the SLASH® arrow shaft to pass thru, and clears a path for the secondary blades to open.  

STAGE 4 - Maximum Secondary Trauma, Internal Controlled Expansion

Secondary trauma, combined with expansive wound channel volume, is critical to down big game.  One key to the remarkable killing power of a SLASH® arrow is that the blades, concealed in the revolutionary INsetBlade® technology, open and expand internally, after entry.  The patented blade system has BOTH slotted and back supported cams, so they open at the same time.  The delayed controlled expansion is achieved by being set back from the broadhead tip and utilizing a patented rear deployment system.  This means there is no valuable LKE wasted on entry.  All of the available kinetic energy is used to inflict internal damage and provide maximum penetration.  The sheer hydrostatic shock that occurs when the SLASH® arrow’s kinetic energy is converted into a lethal, fluid pressure inside the animal is designed to mimic that of animals shot with firearms. No other arrow/broadhead combination can provide this kind of delayed controlled internal expansion for such devastating results.

STAGE 5 - Largest Exit Wound Volume

Blood loss and trauma take volume.  SLASH® arrows maximize volume with an extreme 5 blade cross sectional cut.  The arrow’s overall design allows the arrow to maintain its speed and momentum through impact with delayed deployment of the secondary blades in the soft tissue of the animal.  This advantage of conserving speed allows lighter pound bows to be as successful using SLASH® arrows as much heavier pound bows shooting traditional arrow/broadhead combinations. 

A traditional three blade broadhead may have 2.25” of linear cutting edge.  The INsetBlade® technology adds two blades concealed in the arrow shaft during flight with an overall 3” of linear cutting edge, ready to deploy upon penetration.  The net result is 5 total blades with 5.25” of total linear cutting edges and a much larger wound channel when compared with traditional fixed blade or mechanical broadheads. 

The net effect of the SLASH arrow’s 5 total blades is a wound channel that almost appears to be augured out as opposed to merely cut.  Combined with the leading broadhead, the elongated blades, with the mechanical advantage of low angle and distinctive Samurai-sword design, provide over 200% more cutting surface and a 275% larger wound channel than a typical broadhead/arrow setup.  The 5 blades in the SLASH® arrow literally mince the meat.  The wound channel damage is so profound, the most common feedback the Company hears from users is that “it looks like this deer was shot with a rifle”!

Why Mechanical Broadheads Fail

Testing of mechanical broadheads proved out that they can and will fail. Mechanical broadheads are located at the tip of the arrow. The woorst location to deploy. For example, at 300 feet per second, a mechanical broadhead has 50 milliseconds to deploy ALL 2 or 3 blades ALL at the Exact same time. ( a millisecond is one millionth of a second! ). With the mechanical device, right on the front end of impact when the arrow is at maxium speed and transitioning from AIR to Hard Surface , this is an impossible task at certain angles, speeds and target surfaces. If the mechanical device does work , this is at the wrong time, the arrow in flight is hitting the target, this is the most unstable part of arrow flight. First impact is critical to success of shot. Many shots failed, open blades at impact results in loose of momentum of shot, no pass thru, hit bone, no penetration. Open one blade prior to the other, deflection of shot, soft surface loss of penetration, hard surface shot deflects off the animal hide with only an elongated angled cut. Make enough shots with a mechanical and you see these results. The university study along with field studies , concluded mechanical device should not be on the tip of arrow. 
Why Broadheads Fail to Drop Game
Today's market is flooded with all types of broadheads. By definition ""as a tip to an arrow "" it fails to deliver the necessary 3 step process to drop game quickly.   A broadhead is in the wrong location , on the tip, to complete the 3 step process. It takes a minium distance of 4 to 5 inches and significant proper arrow design, to accomplish stage 2 and stage 3. A broadhead is so short, and most often limited to only a 100 grains, it is essentially a one dimensional device. 
Most broadheads try to make up the difference by using large 2 blade cuts , these 2 blade cuts lack wound channal volume. Added to the problem is that most have industry design constraints of a 100 grains.This gives the large 2 blade or 3 blade a design with over an inch diameter, at a mechanical disadvantage. These designs have steep short blades, which stop penetration. 


SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrows feature two on-board, in-arrow INsetBlade® Deployable Blades for a double dose of devastation!

"Bring Home the Game"®

Revolutionary INsetBlade® Deployable Blades Technology 

With a SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrow, the 60 grain broadhead with the EXP and the 75 grain broadhead with the MAG,(see features below) at the tip of the arrow enters first, cutting a leading path of destruction. A few inches behind, once the arrow shaft enters, two expandable INsetBlade® Deployable Blades deploy. The INsetBlade® Deployable Blades are aligned so that new tissue is being cut. The total amount of cutting is far greater than any other broadhead and arrow system.

SLASH® INsetBlade® Deployable Blades open internally, do not waste kinetic energy on entry

The key to the remarkable killing power of a SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrow is the fact that the revolutionary INsetBlade® Deployable Blades open and expand internally, after entry. This means there is no valuable kinetic energy wasted on entry. All of the available kinetic energy from the INsetBlade® Deployable Blades is used to inflict internal damage and maximum penetration

Maximum hydrostatic shock

Hydrostatic shock or shock pressure occurs when an arrow’s kinetic energy is converted into a lethal, fluid pressure wave inside an animal. The more hydrostatic shock, the quicker the kill.

SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrows were specifically designed to provide bowhunters with a broadhead and arrow system that maximizes “shock pressure.” They provide over 200% more cutting surface and 275% larger wound channel than a typical broadhead and arrow setup.

Five total blades and over 5" of total cutting surface for more than twice the killing power

The SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrow features three blades on the broadhead (for overall 2.25" of linear cutting edge) and two additional blades concealed in the arrow (with an overall 3" of linear cutting edge) ready to deploy upon penetration. The net result is five total blades with 5.25" of total linear cutting edges and a much larger wound channel when compared with fixed blade or mechanical broadheads.

Augured wound channel vs. simple cuts

The net effect of SLASH's five total blades is a wound channel that almost appears to be augured out as opposed to merely cut. The five blades in the SLASH® system literally mince the meat to the point you can practically look back through the animal as if peering through a tube. The wound channel damage is really that profound!



Factory tuned and matched system

SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrows come factory tuned. The relationship between the broadhead, the INsetBlade® Deployable Blades and the vanes is important. We also “match” all arrows so you get consistent performance, arrow to arrow.


Ready to shoot right out of the box

Because SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrows are factory tuned, you’ll be able to shoot them right out of the box. We include practice arrows that are matched to the arrows with which you’ll hunt.

 What's Behind your Broadhead?

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