Revolutionary Hunting Arrow with INshaft INsetBlade™ Deployable Blades

The world's first complete hunting arrow that provides enclosed blades for aerodynamic flight that deploy for internal devastation

Aerodynamic Flight

INsetBlade™ enclosed inside arrow shaft for aerodynamic flight.

  • Factory Tuned Precision of broadhead, arrow, and INsetBlade™.
  • Ready to shoot right out of the box. (Practice arrows Included.)
  • INsetBlade™ balanced in the shaft weighted for improved flight.

Highest Impact

INsetBlade™ weight enclosed in the arrow shaft for maximum kinetic energy.

  • INsetBlade™ Weight behind the broadhead maximizes kinetic energy at impact.
  • Fixed 3 blade broadhead provides effective cutting power.
  • Less Kinetic energy wasted on impact.
  • INsetBlades™ enclosed on impact.
  • INsetBlades™ weight enclosed in the arrow.

Internal Devastation

INsetBlade™ deploys inside the target for a double dose of devastation!

  • INsetBlades™ are deployed providing 200% more cutting surface.
  • 5 blade cut results in 275% larger wound channel.
  • Valuable kinetic energy is released IN the target to inflict massive internal damage.
  • Maximum kinetic energy from your shot is released inside your target.
  • Arrow produces maximum hydrostatic shock for lethal stopping power.